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Shame Over: A Conversation about Men’s Mental Health

Are you a man struggling with suicidal thoughts? Addictions? Racial trauma? Child custody challenges? Raising a son/nephew/grandson and teaching him how to safely process and express his emotions? Shame Over is the book for you! Shame Over is a great practical book that helps men and those raising boys and men from all walks of life to gain a better understanding of mental health and mental distress/disorders experienced by males by providing tangible ways to improve their mental health and generally their overall health. Shame Over was collaboratively written by Award-winning Talk Show host Karen Carrington and Mental Health specialist David Grant.

Topics include:

  • Masculinity challenges
  • Black men mental health
  • Indigenous men mental health
  • LGBTQ mental health
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Divorce and Custody challenges
  • Fatherhood