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Education on Black people of African descent

Who are Black people and why do we need to know about them? What is the relevance of anti-Black racism? These questions and others similar may ruminate in your mind when thinking about about the current national and global emphasis on anti-Black racism initiatives.  

Why learn about Black people of African descent? 

Black people’s history did not commence in enslavement nor colonialism. In fact, researchers have consistently concluded that Black people of African descent are the oldest people on the planet and laid the foundations for the first civilizations in the world that have influenced our current modern day civilizations. From carrying out some of the first Cesarean section (C-section) medical procedures, revolutionary treatments for glaucoma to leading the way for psychology, sociology and other sciences, Black people have made significant contributions to the world. Overlooking these significant contributions, strips Black people of their humanity and relegates them to simply being an oppressed entity.  

Relevance of anti-Black racism 

As much as we want to think that we are living in a post-racial era and color-blind society, numerous anecdotes, research and viral disturbing videos of racial violence against African people globally demonstrates the contrary. Anti-Black racism education is extremely important if we are determined to change the conscience of humanity. Black people of African descent have been through the greatest atrocities known in human history and continue to face relentless violence on a day-to-day basis. Black people work in every sector of our society and if we truly want to humanize them, change the culture of work environments for Black employees, and service delivery to Black customers and clients in order to make them feel more included, heard and respected, we must be intentional about engaging in thorough and practical anti-Black racism education. We must truly examine and understand the past in order to understand the current conditions and prepare for improving our future world.  

Why choose Global Mind Emancipation 

At Global Mind Emancipation, we are intentional about not only the provision of anti-Black racism education but also the importance and relevance of anti-Black racism education and initiatives to communities, organizations across disciplines.  

What makes Global Mind Emancipation educational services unique is our concurrent emphasis on comprehensive education of Black people of African descent’s worldviews, ideologies, cultural practices and overall contributions to the world. We believe that in order for the world to begin rehumanizing Black people of African descent, they must be educated on who Black people are as human beings.  

Through presentations and in-depth lectures, we educate our audiences on African history, the current condition of African people and how to improve the outcomes for African people in the future. We provide information about best practices when working with African people in a variety of fields including education, child welfare, the health and financial fields and the list continues.