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Navigating Two Worlds: Understanding the Complexities and Health Implications of Black Fatherhood in Toronto 

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David Grant wrote this article with the intention of helping human service workers develop best practices when trying to work with, engage and advocate for Black fathers of African descent in the human services field. Mr. Grant articulates the physical and psychological health challenges that Black fathers often experience in everyday life as they attempt to navigate the culturally and racially oppressive environment in Canada through dual roles as Black men and as Black fathers. Mr. Grant uses case examples from his previous experience as a child welfare social worker in order to provide readers the challenges and successes of working with Black fathers while also providing tangible recommendations of how to put these methods into practice. 

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David Grant has taken his scholarly writing and applied it to writing consciousness-raising articles to teach the readers about the condition of African people of the Diaspora globally while also providing potential solutions to the challenges Black people confront daily. Concurrently, Mr. Grant has also written about the psychological effects of racism on people of colour i.e. the global majority and how it permeates their lives in various ways. Other topics covered in Mr. Grant’s writing include: racial trauma, African-centered mental health, economics, education, cultural preservation and more!