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Restoring your knowledge of self

Who Are We

Global Mind Emancipation is a Greater Toronto Area (GTA) based counselling and African-centered education company dedicated to two overarching goals: helping diverse communities learn about and heal from trauma and other psychological challenges, and helping to re-educate communities and organizations on Black people of African descent’s world-views, ideologies and cultures. Global Mind Emancipation serves to help people live enriching lives by assisting them in developing life skills, regaining knowledge of self and other effective methods to help them on their healing journey on an individual and collective level. Global Mind Emancipation is equally devoted to helping organizations and communities continue their commitment to anti-racism and anti-Black racism initiatives by teaching these respective groups best-practices/interventions with Black people of African-descent through an African-centered lens.

We offer the services outlined below

Find out about the various topics on which we specialize speaking and lecturing for a variety of audiences. 

View the various approaches we take to counseling/psychotherapy and how to start your healing journey today.

We specialize in making your academic work polished while offering different ways to improve your writing skills.